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Foxboro Hot Tubs

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Foxboro Hot Tubs

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Foxboro Hot Tubs Biography

Foxboro Hot Tubs was basically a side-project claiming to feature members of Green Day.

The band released their debut EP via the group's Website as a free music download, in late 2007. The band's MySpace profile describes them as an unsigned band from the United States, while photos channel the time of Swinging London.
The 6-track EP, "Stop Drop And Roll!!!" combines the Punk-Rock sound of Green Day with a swingin' 60's grooviness. Billie Joe Armstrong's voice is most audible on the track "Mother Mary".
This was the second semi-secret project from the members of Green Day who previously released "Money Money 2020" under the name, The Network.



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Stop Drop And Roll!!! [EP] (2007)

Stop Drop And Roll!!! - EP
1. Stop Drop And Roll
2. Mother Mary
3. Ruby Room
4. Red Tide
5. Highway 1
6. She's A Saint, Not A Celebrity
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