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Foxy Shazam

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Foxy Shazam

Foxy Shazam photo 2011

Foxy Shazam Biography

Adventurous experimental Rock ensemble Foxy Shazam was formed in Cincinnati, Ohio USA, by lead singer Eric Nally, guitarist Loren Turner, pianist Sky White, bassist Daisy and drummer Joseph Halberstadt.

The quintet released their debut album, "The Flamingo Trigger", in mid-2005 and then went on to tour exhaustively, performing over 200 shows within a span of eighteen months.

Their distinct style and unique sound captured the attention of Ferret Music label that released the band's second album, "Introducing Foxy Shazam", in January 2008.

Before Foxy Shazam started the recording session for the next album, they recruited a new drummer, Aaron McVeigh and bolstered its line-up by recruiting trumpeter Alex Nauth. The self-titled full-length disc arrived in April 2010 on Sire Records, reaching the #151 spot on The Billboard Top 200 chart.

January 2012 saw the release of "The Church Of Rock And Roll"; the 11-song set included the electrifying single "I Like It" which soared to #8 on The Rock Songs chart and helped send the album to #115 on The Billboard 200.


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  • Foxy Shazam band lineup 2008 Foxy Shazam band lineup 2008
    The band line-up 2008

The Flamingo Trigger (2005)

The Flamingo Trigger
1. The French Passion Of Animality Opera
2. NO. Don't Shoot
3. October Surf Suitcase Fish
4. Seagulls Of Rhinosuarus Bay, Part I
5. Seagulls Of Rhinosuarus Bay, Part II
6. Aroma Of You
7. ------------
8. Sailors Of Rhinosuarus Bay
9. Brains Of Vegas
10. My Wife’s Juice And Watertower Wine
11. Across The Golden Field
12. Shadow Of A Shoulder Parrot

Introducing Foxy Shazam (2008)

Introducing Foxy Shazam
1. Introducing Foxy
2. The Rocketeer
3. Dangerous Man
4. The Science Of Love
5. A Black Man's Breakfast
6. It's Hair Smelled Like Bonfire
7. Red Cape Diver
8. Yes Yes Yes
9. Ghost Animals
10. Cool

Foxy Shazam (2010)

Foxy Shazam self-titled album
1. intro / Bombs Away
2. Wanna-Be Angel
3. Count Me Out
4. Bye Bye Symphony
5. Unstoppable
6. Second Floor
7. Oh Lord
8. Connect
9. The Only Way To My Heart...
10. Killin' It
11. Evil Thoughts

The Church Of Rock And Roll (2012)

The Church Of Rock And Roll
1. Welcome To The Church Of Rock And Roll
2. I Like It
3. Holy Touch
4. Last Chance At Love
5. Forever Together
6. (It’s) Too Late Baby
7. I Wanna Be Yours
8. Wasted Feelings
9. The Temple
10. Streets
11. Freedom
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