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Francis Dunnery

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Francis Dunnery

Francis Dunnery photo 2003

Francis Dunnery Biography

Francis Dunnery was born on December 25, 1962 in Egremont, ENGLAND, he got his first break in music during the mid-'80s when fronted the Pop-Rock band, It Bites becoming respected as one of the most talented guitarists around; after three albums Dunnery quit the band and relocated to Los Angeles to start a career as a singer+songwriter.

His first solo album, "Welcome To The Wild Country", arrived in 1991 but was completely ignored by Virgin Records.
Dunnery toured with Robert Plant playing the guitar on the 1993's Fate Of Nations tour and signed to Atlantic Records in New York City.
In May 1994, he released his second solo effort, "Fearless", which yielded the Billboard's Mainstream Rock top 40 hit "American Life In The Summertime".
One and a half years later, Dunnery followed up with "Tall Blonde Helicopter", which included the single track "Too Much Saturn"; but the releases stayed out of the charts and he was subsequently dropped from Atlantic.
He returned in April 1998 with his first indie-album, "Let's Go Do What Happens", released on the small New York label Razor & Tie and then proceeded to remove himself from the music industry so that he could train horses and further his studies in Philosophy, Psychology and Astrology.
In September of 2003 Dunnery's fifth effort, "Man", was issued on Aquarian Nation label.


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