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Frank Palangi

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Frank Palangi

Frank Palangi photo 2010

Frank Palangi Biography

Based in Upstate, New York USA, Frank Palangi is a solo artist whose music ranges from acoustic Rock to heavier flavors. He likes to perform as frequently as possible, mainly in the area around Upstate NY. His constant playing and constant writing and recording, too, are signs of his passion for music.

Headed into the studio in 2010 with record producer Rogers Masson who's works which include the grammy nominated Alternative-Rock band Day Of Fire and mixing for artists like Marlyn Manson. Sessions were held in Nashville, for an eponymous EP which contains the single "I'm Waiting".


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Frank Palangi pictures:

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    F. Palangi photoshoot 2006

Frank Palangi [EP] (2011)

Frank Palangi self-titled  EP
1. I'm Waiting
2. Driving These Lines
3. Love
4. It's All Right
5. Remembrance
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