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From Zero

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From Zero

From Zero photo 2003

From Zero Biography

Alternative-Metal band formed in 1998 in Chicago, Illinois USA, by singer + lyricist Jett, guitarists Joe Pettinato and Peter Capizzi, bassist Rob Ruccia and drummer Kid.

One year later, the quintet self-produced their debut self-titled EP.

With a significant fan base, From Zero established themselves as one of the bigger bands in their home-town, in mid-2001 they released their first full-length album, "One Nation Under", which included the Mainstream Rock top 40 single "Check Ya".

Before the band released their second LP, Ruccia departed and Jett, who learned to play stand up bass from his grandfather who performed with big bands, played all the bass tracks on the 2003's full-length disc, "My So-Called Life".


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From Zero pictures:

  • From Zero band 2003 From Zero band 2003
    The band line-up 2003, from left: J. Pettinato, Jett, Kid and P. Capizzi

One Nation Under (2001)

One Nation Under
1. Smack
2. Check Ya
3. Erase
4. The Other Side
5. Circumstances
6. Jeer
7. Horrors
8. Tomorrow's Light
9. Suffering
10. Undeniable
11. Gone

My So-Called Life (2003)

My So-Called Life
1. Myself
2. Lines
3. Sorry
4. My So-Called Life
5. Sold Out
6. I Don't Care Anymore
7. Time Of Day
8. Drama Queen
9. Fleeting Glimpse
10. Free Without A Struggle
11. Believe
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