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Full Scale Biography

The revolutionarily Alternative-Metal act Full Scale formed in the town of Perth, AUSTRALIA, in late 2000 when lead singer Ezekiel Ox, guitarist Jimmy Tee, bassist Robkaay and drummer Crutey got together to play music. Soon afterward the group moved to Melbourne, where they toured nonstop, recording two self-funded EPs and releasing them on their own record label, Popstar Records.

The Black Arrows and White Arrows EPs, became the foundation for their Columbia Records debut and they mastered their craft on the road, opening nationwide tours for acts as widespread as Evanescence and Sevendust. "Full Scale" was released in early 2005, it featured featured re-worked versions of songs from their indie-EPs as well as new material including the single cut "Feel It".


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Full Scale (2005)

Full Scale self-titled album
1. Empty Texas
2. Feel It
3. Smiles
4. Sixteen Today
5. Party Political
6. Rapture
7. The Heimlich Manoeuvre
8. Sickness
9. Manifesto
10. Here Comes The Weekend
11. Download The Destruction
12. Five-Six
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