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G. Love & Special Sauce

G. Love & Special Sauce bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

G. Love & Special Sauce band

G. Love & Special Sauce band photo 2014
from left: Jimy 'Jazz' Prescott, Jeffrey 'The Houseman' Clemens and G. Love

G. Love & Special Sauce Biography

G. Love, born Garrett Dutton, on October 3, 1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, started playing guitar after his mother sent him to guitar lessons when he was eight; as a youngster, he learned to sing and play harmonica and after only one year of college, Dutton decided to go to Boston in 1992 where he formed his first significant musical project, G. Love & Special Sauce, along with Jimy 'Jazz' Prescott on upright bass and Jeffrey 'The Houseman' Clemens on drums.

The threesome began experimenting with Blues, Rock and Hip-Hop, to finally record in Philadelphia their self-titled debut album which was released in March of 1994 through Epic Records.

Almost exactly one year later the band released "Coast To Coast Motel"; their sophomore album, recorded in New Orleans, managed to climb The Billboard Top 200 chart before stalling out at #122.

G. Love with his trusty band, Special Sauce, returned in October 1997 releasing "Yeah, It's That Easy" which replicated the chart position of its predecessor; it also generated their first Modern Rock top 30 hit, "Stepping Stones", introducing the listener to the band's new Soul-oriented approach. The group then embarked on a promotional tour of North-America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

1999's "Philadelphonic", the album number four, reached #113 on The Billboard 200, spawning a Modern Rock top 40 hit single with the calypsolike "Rodeo Clowns".

The follow-up album, "Electric Mile", was issued in April 2001 but it didn't rise higher than #138 on The Billboard 200 listing and also failed to generate a sizeable hit.

Three years later, G. Love, returned as a solo artist with an album titled "The Hustle", however he worked with his usual bass and drums ensemble Special Sauce, but added keyboardist Money Mark, percussionist Danny Frankel and producer Mario Caldato, Jr., as well as old pal Jack Johnson, whose Brushfire Records provided the platform for this album; the 14-song set debuted at #100 on The Billboard Top 200 chart yielding the Modern Rock top 40 hit "Astronaut", plus the saucy BBQ anthem "Booty Call" and the minor hit single "Love".

"Lemonade", G. Love's seventh studio album, arrived in August 2006; its first single "Hot Cookin'" didn't dent the mainstream charts but the CD climbed into The Billboard 200 Albums list at #39.

The eclectic Philly group resurfaced in June 2008 with "Superhero Brother", reaching the #63 position on The Billboard 200; the album features the single "Peace, Love, And Happiness".

Dutton, for the third album billed simply as G. Love, recruited keyboardist Mark Boyce, his longtime collaborator Houseman on drums and bass player Timo Shanko; the disc entitled "Fixin' To Die" was released in February 2011 on Brushfire,. The first single and the album's title-track exemplifies the more rural, backroads sound of the songs, recorded in an old church-turned-studio in Asheville, North Carolina. The album peaked at #36 on The Billboard 200.

Latest News:

G. Love & Special Sauce will spend 2014 celebrating the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut with a brand new album built on the trio's signature hip-hop Blues sound. "Sugar", which will be released on April 22, 2014, via Brushfire Records, reunites original members G. Love, upright bassist Jimi Jazz and drummer The Houseman for the first time in eight years.


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