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The Gaslight Anthem

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The Gaslight Anthem

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The Gaslight Anthem Biography

The Gaslight Anthem was formed in 2005 in New Brunswick, New Jersey USA, by vocalist + guitarist Brian Fallon, guitarist Alex Rosamila, bassist Alex Levine and drummer Benny Horowitz. Although the quartet had only technically been a band for two and a half years, in that short amount of time, they managed to become one of the East Coast underground's most celebrated acts, spurring a cultish fan base with their Soul-infused Punk-Rock and completing successful tours with acts like Against Me! and Rise Against.

In May 2007, the band released its first album, "Sink Or Swim", through XOXO Records.

Whereas The Gaslight Anthem's debut full-length disc was recorded in under two weeks, for their second album spent six weeks in the studio to craft an album that reconciles the band's love for Classic-Rock with their New Jersey Punk roots to create a unique musical amalgam that transcends genres and stereotypes. Release on Side One Dummy Records in August 2008, "The '59 Sound" debuted at #70 on The Billboard 200 and peaked at #7 on the Top Independent Albums chart generating a Hot Modern Rock top 40 hit with the title-track.

2010's "American Slang", trailed by the title-track, marked an extraordinary leap forward for the New Jersey quartet, revealing a triumphant Rock band honed by two years of nearly non-stop touring; this album reached #16 on The Billboard 200, #12 on the Top Canadian Albums list and also ascended into the U.K. top 20.

The Gaslight Anthem issued their most acclaimed album, "Handwritten", in July 2012; the disc hit #2 in Britain, #3 on U.S. Billboard Top 200 and #5 on the Top Canadian Albums charts. It features 11 tracks including the first single, "45", which peaked at #11 on The Alternative Songs chart and the minor hit "Here Comes My Man".


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