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Gavin Rossdale

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Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale photo 2008

Gavin Rossdale Biography

Singer + guitarist Gavin Rossdale, was born on October 30, 1967, in Kilburn, a settlement situated in the area of North London ENGLAND. When he was 11, his parents divorced and he then went to live with his father. As a teen, Rossdale was a self-proclaimed Punk, who used to put egg whites in hair and glitter on his stomach. By the age of 19, Rossdale took the guitar seriously and after a few short-lived outfits, in 1992 he met up with Nigel Pulsford forming Bush, one of the hottest Alternative-Rock bands of the '90s.

In the summer of 2002, Gavin Rossdale released his first solo song "Adrenaline", which was used in the action movie "XXX", starring Vin Diesel; the single hit #20 on the Billboard's Modern Rock chart.
That same year Rossdale married his longtime girlfriend Gwen Stefani, lead singer of No Doubt.

In 2005, he released a hard-edged album with a group he dubbed Institute, the disc featured production from Helmet founder Page Hamilton.

Gavin Rossdale released his first solo album, "Wanderlust", in June 2008; the 13-track set peaked at #33 on The Billboard 200 Albums list highlighted by the magnificent single "Love Remains The Same" which climbed into the top 40 on both Billboard's Hot 100 and Hot Modern Rock Tracks and which fell just shy of reaching #1 on The Hot Adult Top 40 radio chart.


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    Gavin Rossdale mid-'80s

XXX [soundtrack] (2002)

 XXX - soundtrack

- Adrenaline

Wanderlust (2008)

1. Can't Stop The World
2. Frontline
3. Forever May You Run
4. The Skin I'm In
5. Drive
6. Future World
7. Love Remains The Same
8. If You're Not With Us You Are Against Us
9. This Is Happiness
10. Another Night In The Hills
11. The Trouble I'm In
12. Beauty In The Beast
13. This Place Is On Fire
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