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Gold Fields

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Gold Fields band

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Gold Fields Biography

Based in the northern Victorian town of Ballarat, AUSTRALIA, Mark Robert Fuller on vocals, Vin Andanar on guitar, Rob Clifton on keyboards + percussion, Luke Peldys on bass and Ryan D'Sylva on drums formed Gold Fields in 2010. Heavily influenced by the '80s Synth-Pop the quintet's debut EP was released in the fall of 2011.

After scoring opening slots in the UK and Australia for the likes of The Naked and Famous and Crystal Castles, the group recorded their first full-length album, "Black Sun", which was released in February 2013. The disc's main single, "Dark Again", reached #36 on the U.S. Hot Modern Rock chart.


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Black Sun (2013)

Black Sun
1. Meet My Friends
2. Dark Again
3. Treehouse
4. Happy Boy
5. Thunder
6. Ice
7. Closest I Could Get
8. The Woods
9. Moves
10. You're Still Gone
11. Anxiety
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