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Goldfinger band

Goldfinger photo 2008

Goldfinger Biography

This Alternative-Rock Ska-Punk quartet was formed in 1994 in Los Angeles, California USA, by two friends singer+guitarist John Feldmann and bass player Simon Williams, at that time the two worked togheter in a shoe store, they hooked-up with guitarist Charlie Paulson and drummer Darrin Pfeiffer, thus completing the line-up.

The foursome released in 1995 a demo-EP entitled "Richter" which charted on collage radio and in early 1996 Goldfinger issued their self-titled, full-length debut album; the record cracked The Billboard Top 200 chart and included the Modern Rock top 5 hit single "Here In Your Bedroom" plus two minor hits: "Mable" and "Only A Day", the band supported the release by touring with such pronounced acts as No Doubt.
The four-piece band released their second album in September of 1997, "Hang-Up's" hit #85 on Billboard's Top 200 chart spawning "This Lonely Place" which peaked at #14 on The Modern Rock Tracks chart.
During the summer of the following year, Williams left the band due to musical differences to be replaced by bass player Kelly Lemieux, the revamped band found the time to record an 8-track live EP of all-cover songs titled "Darrin's Coconut Ass: Live From Omaha", which was issued in late 1999.
Goldfinger released the studio follow-up in the spring of 2000, although "Stomping Ground" was supported by a tour, during which they shared stages with the likes of Eve 6 and Mest, the record missed the top 100 in U.S. Official Albums chart and the single "Counting The Days" never experienced any chart success; the band toured throughout Europe, where the single off of the album was the cover of Nena's "99 Red Balloons".
In September of 2001 Paulson quit, he was replaced by guitarist Brian Arthur, formerly of the NuMetal band Unloco and in May of the following year appeared the group's fourth LP, "Open Your Eyes", the first on the record label Jive/Zoomba; the album, which entered The Billboard Top 200 list at #136, yielded one Modern Rock top 40 single: the title-track and the minor hit, "Tell Me".
In early 2005 Goldfinger issued "Disconnection Notice" on their new label Maverick, the album included the single "Wasted".


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