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Gorillaz photo 2007
L2R> Murdoc, Russel, 2D and Noodle

Gorillaz Biography

Comprising the fictional characters 2D on vocals + keyboards, Noodle on guitar, Murdoc Niccals on bass and Russel Hobbs on drums, the animated four-piece outfit Gorillaz is the most popular worldwide virtual band. The project started out in the late '90s by Damon Albarn from Blur, Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura, Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori, legendary bassist from Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club Tina Weymouth plus cartoonist Jamie Hewlett, creator of the cult Tank Girl. An incredibly creative blend of Hip-Hop, Rap, Alternative-Rock, animation, technology, wit and humour, Gorillaz re-invented the possibilities of entertainment with every release.

In November of 2000 the group released an EP called "Tomorrow Comes Today", the title-track debuted inside the U.K. Top 40 Singles chart.
Their self-titled full-length CD arrived the following spring and the first single, "Clint Eastwood", stormed the charts all over the globe hitting #4 in Great Britain and #3 on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks; the album soared to #1 on The Eurochart, peaked at #5 in England, climbed to the #13 position in Canada and reached #14 on The Billboard Top 200 with nearly 1.5 million copies sold in U.S. alone. The CD included one more Modern Rock top 30 hit, "19-2000", which also peaked at #6 on the U.K. Singles chart.

In February of 2002 the band released the compilation of remixes and B-sides entitled "G-Sides", the set charted near the top 50 in U.K. and reached a respectable #84 on the U.S. Top 200.

When Gorillaz's second proper full-length disc, "Demon Days", arrived in May 2005, it was even more successful than their debut rocketing to #1 in Britain as well as in more than a dozen countries; in America the CD hit #5 on the Top Canadian Albums chart and #5 on The Billboard 200 eventually going double-platinum. The first single, "Feel Good Inc.", became another worlwide smash, not only in sales, but also on the U.S. Modern Rock airplay chart where it leapt to #1. It was justifiably even awarded a Grammy for Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals. The follow-up single, "DARE", earned the virtual band its first real U.K. #1 hit and the song held the #7 slot on The Modern Rock chart.

After selling in excess of 15 million records around the globe, the world's biggest animated band returned in March 2010 with "Plastic Beach"; preceded by the single "Stylo" which peaked at #24 on The Hot Modern Rock chart, the album took the band among the top 3 in the States, Canada, U.K. and Australia.


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