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Gossip band 2012

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Gossip Biography

Guitarist + bassist & keyboardist Brace 'Nathan' Paine and Vocalist Beth Ditto have been friends since Nathan was 15 and each of them was formulating a cosmopolitan world-view encompassing far more than their lives in small farming towns on the outskirts of Searcy, Arkansas USA. A Punk mixtape made its way from Paine to Ditto, via a mutual friend, Kathy Mendonca, who became the first drummer for the Gossip and the seeds of a long-standing friendship and musical union were planted.

The trio managed to channel the Blues through the basics of Rock, a strong singer, hip-shaking riffs and a steady beat, recording their first album in Mendonca's garage. "That's Not What I Heard" was released in November 2000 on Kill Rock Stars label.

A 6-track EP, "Arkansas Heat", followed two years later before the band got to work on their second full-length disc. Recorded in a true studio, in Seattle, "Movement" arrived in May 2003; the album showed that working in this environment did not hinder the trio's trademark raging Rock and Beth Ditto, a self-described fat lesbian feminist, became an unlikely sex symbol.

Drummer Hannah Blilie replaced Mendonca in late 2004; once she came on-board, the Gossip line-up was in-place, ready to shake some action and kick down some walls. The young indie-Rock trio broke-through with 2005's "Standing In The Way Of Control", which soared to #1 on the U.K. indie chart and reached the #22 position on the official British Albums Sales chart while the title-track hit the U.K. top 10.
Since the group's formation, the Gossip has toured with a wide variety of musicians including Le Tigre, Sonic Youth and The White Stripes to a name of few.

The genre-bending do-it-yourself post-Punk Rock trio Gossip bring a new level of lyrical power and musical sophistication to their ever-evolving, always-electrifying sound and sensibility on "Music For Men", the group's first major label studio album. It was realeased through Columbia Records in June 2009 and reached #164 on The Billboard 200 but enjoyed much more success in Europe and Australia selling over one million copies globally. The lead-off single, "Heavy Cross", hit the U.K. top 40 and made an impressive foray into most of the European charts.

Gossip put out their fifth studio album, "A Joyful Noise", in May 2012; it reached #100 on the American Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and the main single, "Perfect World", slammed the Dance/Club Play Songs chart with a peak of #8.


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    Brace Paine, Beth Ditto and Hannah Blilie (2006)
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