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Gotye photo 2011

Gotye Biography

Gotye, pronounced “Gauthier”, is the alias of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA-based Alternative Electro-Pop artist Wouter 'Wally' De Backer. Born in Bruges, Belgium, on May 21, 1980, De Backer moved to Sydney with his family at a young age and and then to Melbourne where he began making music in his early teens.

After spending years fronting a local Rock band, the talented singer + songwriter Wally De Backer decided to go solo and in early 2003 released the first Gotye album, "Boardface", a downbeat lo-fi gem, weaving lush orchestral samples, african percussion breaks and '80s-inflected synth hooks into an idiosyncratic medley of melancholy.

He first found fame in Australia, three years later with his second offering, "Like Drawing Blood", which was constructed almost entirely from samples of old vinyl. It eventually climbed into the top 20 of the Aussie ARIA chart and went platinum.

In August 2011 Gotye released "Making Mirrors", the album featured more physical and acoustic instruments, meanwhile, he continued to raid local second-hand shops for obscure vinyl to sample. It became a worldwide sensation peaking at #1 in Australia and inched into the top 10 in Canada, U.S. and several European charts. Moreover, the lead single, "Somebody That I Used to Know", a collaboration with New Zealand singer Kimbra, went to #1 throughout almost every major music market around the globe. In U.S. the track hit #1 on the Billboard's Alternative Songs, Rock Songs and Hot 100 charts. The second Amrican single, "Eyes Wide Open", peaked at #22 on The Alternative Songs list.
Gotye was among the big winners at the 55th Grammy Awards with three trophies: Record Of The Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Somebody That I Used To Know" while "Making Mirrors" was elected Best Alternative Music Album.


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Gotye pictures:

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    Gotye 2008

Boardface (2003)

1. Out Here In The Cold
2. True To You
3. The Only Thing I Know
4. Wonder Why You Want Her
5. What Do You Want?
6. Out Of My Mind
7. Here In This Place
8. Waiting For You
9. Loath To Refuse
10. Noir Excursion
11. Baby
12. untitled

Like Drawing Blood (2006)

Like Drawing Blood
1. Like Drawing Blood
2. The Only Way
3. Heart's A Mess
4. Coming Back
5. Thanks For Your Time
6. Learnalilgivinanlovin'
7. Puzzle With A Piece Missing
8. A Distinctive Sound
9. Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver
10. Night Drive
11. Worn Out Blues

Making Mirrors (2011)

Making Mirrors
1. Making Mirrors
2. Easy Way Out
3. Somebody That I Used To Know
4. Eyes Wide Open
5. Smoke And Mirrors
6. I Feel Better
7. In Your Light
8. State Of The Art
9. Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You
10. Giving Me A Chance
11. Save Me
12. Bronte
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