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The Gracious Few

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The Gracious Few

The Gracious Few photo 2009

The Gracious Few Biography

This Alternative-Rock group began to emerge as a recording act in the fall of 2009 in Sausalito, California USA, when guitarist + songwriter Chad Taylor, bassist Pat Dahlheimer and drummer Chad Gracey issued a statement announcing that Ed Kowalczyk was no longer the lead singer of Live, in which they indicated that The Gracious Few was now their main focus. The trio was soon joined by Candlebox frontman Kevin Martin and rhythm guitarist Sean Hennesey.

The band's first album came together around a stronger sound, a deeper band connection and a more powerful energy. The majority of the eponymous release was recorded live at Studio D in Sausalito and finally released in September 2010. It debuted at #168 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart producing a pair of Active Rock top 40 hits in "Honest Man" and "Appetite".


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The Gracious Few (2010)

The Gracious Few self-titled album
1. Appetite
2. Honest Man
3. Guilty Fever
4. The Few
5. The Rest Of You
6. Crying Time
7. Silly Thing
8. Closer
9. What's Wrong
10. Tredecim
11. Nothing But Love
12. Sing
13. All I Hear
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