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Graham Coxon

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Graham Coxon

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Graham Coxon Biography

Graham Coxon was born on March, 12 1969, in an English Army camp in Rinteln, near Hanover, GERMANY; his family moved back to Colchester, in England, when he was six. He attended the Goldsmith College in London when began playing music in a band called Seymour, Coxon assumed the role of lead guitarist and finally the quartet decided to change their name to Blur.

The band became one of the most successful British acts of the '90s with a string of #1 albums; in 1998, Coxon, launched his own Transcopic Records and released his debut solo album, "The Sky Is Too High", inspired by his love for American Alternative-Rock.
The following year, he recorded "13", his last album with Blur and in mid-2000 released his second solo effort, "The Golden D", the album title refers to Coxon's favourite chord.
A year later, he followed up with "Crow Sit On Blood Tree"; after weeks of rumour about inter-band conflicts, it was confirmed in September 2002 that the former-Blur guitarist had left the band, at the same time Coxon released his fourth solo album, "The Kiss Of Morning".
In May 2004 the guitarist issued "Happiness In Magazines" which rose to #19 spot on the Official British Albums chart spawning three U.K. top 40 hit singles: "Freakin' Out", "Bittersweet Bundle Of Misery" and "Spectacular".

Coxon returned two years later with "Love Travels At Illegal Speeds" reaching #24 on the U.K. Albums chart and the first single, "Standing On My Own Again", eventually climbed into the top 20.

"The Spinning Top" followed in May 2009 and the artist's eighth studio record, "A+E", was released in early 2012; both scraped the U.K. top 40 chart.


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