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Gravity Burn

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Gravity Burn

Gravity Burn photo 2007

Gravity Burn Biography

The Alternative-Rock outfit Gravity Burn hails from Atlanta, Georgia USA and was formed by drummer Josh Hack and guitarist Mike Buffa in 2006. They began writing arrangements and practicing as much as they could to lay the ground work for the future band; the search for a vocalist began sometime in October and after an extensive and very exhaustive search they stumbled on an ad from female vocalist Magdalena Ollar. Magda had just relocated to the United States from her home in Poland with little more than a dream of finding the right band. With the addition of bassist Adam Holcomb sometime around August of 2007, Gravity Burn was on the map.

By November of that year, with just four months under its belt, Gravity Burn signed to Renaissance Records. The group's debut full-length album, titled "Weight And Sea", was released in March 2008.


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Weight And Sea (2008)

Weight And Sea
1. Forward
2. Stranger
3. Falling Down
4. All The While
5. The Visitor
6. Not A Dream
7. Other Side
8. Losing You
9. Closure
10. Slowly Killing Me
11. Broken Promise
12. Remiez
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