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Hail The Villain

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Hail The Villain

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Hail The Villain Biography

Oshawa, Ontario CANADA-based Hail The Villain came together in 2003 when vocalist Bryan Crouch quit school and used his parent's student loan to record an album under the name Mr. Nobody Soon. Crouch played most of the instruments on the album, but needed to put a group together to perform live. He first turned to his childhood friend Chad Taylor to play bass. Guitarist Joseph Stamp made a musical connection with Crouch during a chance meeting at a local club. He had been working behind the scenes in a recording studio and was dying to strap on his guitar again. Stamp reached out to his friend Drew Dockrill to play drums and the journey began.
Over the next couple of years the group worked on their songs as much as possible, but it wasn't until 2007 that they felt confident that their modern Hard-Rock sound could be captured on record.

Drawing inspiration for the album's songs, the band created a tale of hate, lust and deceit. They gave the characters life and then set out to give them form. Enter Rune Entertainment, an animation production house. With the band, they created the shocking animated video for the first single, "Take Back The Fear", a Hail The Villain comic book and a groundbreaking interactive website -- www.hailthevillain.com --.

In the spring of 2009, Hail The Villain inked a record deal with Warner Music Canada and by the summer Roadrunner Records had come on board to release the album in the United States. "Population: Declining" was released in June 2010 and the first single, "Take Back The Fear", inched into the top 20 of the Actve Rock chart. The second single, "Runaway", was equally successful as it reached the #24 position on the same chart.

On November 12, 2011, it was announced that frontman Bryan Crouch would leave Hail The Villain and the future of the band became uncertain.


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Population: Declining (2010)

Population: Declining
1. Take Back The Fear
2. My Reward
3. Runaway
4. 16 Cradles
5. Evil Has A Name
6. Try Hating The World
7. Glad To Be
8. Blackout
9. Pyro
10. Mission Control
11. Swan Dive Suicide
12. Social Graces
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