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Halford Biography

Born on August 25, 1951, in Birmingham, ENGLAND, Rob John Halford began singing as a teenager, fronting a local Hard-Rock band, Hiroshima and working as a theatrical lighting engineer.
In 1973, Halford's sister was dating Judas Priest bassist Ian Hill and one day a few members were over at the Halfords' house when they overheard Halford singing along to the radio; the legendary Heavy-Metal band, which included Hill and guitarist Kenneth Downing, asked Halford to join. Judas Priest, now with Halford, guitarist Glenn Tipton and drummer John Hinch, recorded the band's first album, "Rocka Rolla", which was issued on the small Gull label in 1974.
In the '70s and the '80s as well, Judas Priest were a huge cult band, but constant touring and superb songs brought them mainstream success with no less than ten gold and platinum albums.
In 1991 Rob Halford announced he was leaving the group after nearly 20 years of service. He formed Fight which recorded two albums, "War Of Words" in 1994 and "A Small Deadly Space" a year later. The legendary singer then moved on to a more Industrial unit called Two recording one album, 1997's "Voyeurs", with Nine Inch Nails' mastermind Trent Reznor.

In 2000 Rob Halford returned to his Metal roots and formed a band simply called Halford; he recruited guitarists Patrick Lachman and Mike Chlasciak, bassist Ray Riendeau and drummer Bobby Jarzombek releasing in August "Resurrection"; the record peaked at #5 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers and reached #140 on The Billboard 200 charts.

"Crucible" followed in June 2002, reaching only #144 in the U.S. and not charting in Great Britain.

Halford then re-joined Judas Priest in 2003, the re-energized band released the career-spanning box set "Metalogy" in 2004 and followed with European and U.S. tours. The new studio album, "Angel Of Retribution", was released in early 2005 to critical acclaim.

November 2006 saw the release of "Halford: Metal God Essentials Vol. 1"; the 15-track set features Halford's material, rare demo recordings of Rob Halford's first solo band and two new Halford tracks: the single "Forgotten Generation" and "Drop Out".

Just in time for the 2009 holiday season came out Halford's first holiday CD, "Halford 3 Winter Songs", a release that grabbed the attention of Heavy-Metal fans worldwide; the set was a collection of new Halford-penned tracks plus traditional holiday favorites presented with original arrangements by the band: Rob Halford, Chlasciak, Jarzombek, guitarist + producer Roy Z. and new bass player Mike Davis. The disc was issued by his new label Metal God Records in November 2009, prefaced by the single "Get Into The Spirit".

In September 2010 arrived "Made Of Metal", the first proper Halford studio release since 2002's "Crucible".


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