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Hard-Fi band 2007

Hard-Fi photo 2007

Hard-Fi Biography

The four-man Alternative-Rock act Hard-Fi was formed in Staines, ENGLAND, in 2004 by lead singer + main songwriter Richard Archer, he soon began gathering together a group of likeminded musicians: guitarist Ross Phillips, bassist Kai Stephens and drummer Steve Kemp.

The group's debut album, "Stars Of CCTV", was initially released on Necessary Records in October 2004. Hard-Fi were eventually picked up by Atlantic Records who re-packaged and re-released "Stars Of CCTV" in July 2005; this time the record inched into the Official U.K. Albums chart, eventually peaking at #1 and spawning three top 20 hit singles, "Tied Up Too Tight", "Hard To Beat" and "Cash Machine", the latter of which also crested at #15 on the U.S. Modern Rock Tracks chart.

In September 2007 Hard-Fi unleashed their sophomore effort, "Once Upon A Time In The West", which instantly climbed atop the British Albums chart and the first single, "Suburban Knights", quickly catapulted into the top 10. "I Shall Overcome", another single lifted off the CD, was an additional U.K. top 40 hit for the band.

Hard-Fi returned to the music scene after a four-year break with "Killer Sounds", the album went a bit beyond the top 10 in the U.K. but failed to generate any lasting hits.


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Hard-Fi pictures:

  • Hard-Fi band 2005 Hard-Fi band 2005
    Group shot 2005

Stars Of CCTV (2005)

Stars Of CCTV
1. Cash Machine
2. Middle Eastern Holiday
3. Tied Up Too Tight
4. Gotta Reason
5. Hard To Beat
6. Unnecessary Trouble
7. Move On Now
8. Better Do Better
9. Feltham Is Singing Out
10. Living For The Weekend
11. Stars Of CCTV

Once Upon A Time In The West (2007)

Once Upon A Time In The West
1. Suburban Knights
2. I Shall Overcome
3. Tonight
4. Watch Me Fall Apart
5. I Close My Eyes
6. Television
7. Help Me Please
8. Can't Get Along (Without You)
9. We Need Love
10. Little Angel
11. The King

Killer Sounds (2011)

Killer Sounds
1. Good For Nothing
2. Fire In The House
3. Give It Up
4. Bring It On
5. Feels Good
6. Stop
7. Stay Alive
8. Excitement
9. Love Song
10. Sweat
11. Killer Sounds
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