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Head Automatica

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Head Automatica

Head Automatica photo 2005

Head Automatica Biography

The Long Island, New York USA-based modern Electro-Rock outfit Head Automatica was created by singer Daryl Palumbo and producer + beatmaker Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura.

The pair released their first album, "Decadence", in August 2004 but touring and promotion were put on hold while Palumbo was treated for Crohn's disease.
During 2005 Head Automatica became a five-piece unit with Craig Bonich on guitar, Jessie Nelson on keyboards, Jarvis Morgan Holden on bass, Larry Gorman on drums and obviously, Palumbo on vocals.
The quintet put out the single/video "Beating Heart Baby" and hit the road, playing gigs along the way with Dashboard Confessional, Thrice, The Cure, Interpol and others.

Head Automatica's sophomore album, "Popaganda", was released in June 2006; the CD, which included the single "Laughing At You", peaked at #69 on The Billboard 200.


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Decadence (2004)

1. At The Speed Of A Yellow Bullet
2. Brooklyn Is Burning
3. Beating Heart Baby
4. Please Please Please (Young Hollywood)
5. King Caesar
6. The Razor
7. Dance Party Plus
8. Disco Hades II
9. Solid Gold Telephone
10. Head Automatica Sound System
11. I Shot William H. Macy

Popaganda (2006)

1. Graduation Day
2. Laughing At You
3. Lying Through Your Teeth
4. Nowhere Fast
5. Scandalous
6. Curious
7. God
8. Shot In The Back (The Platypus)
9. Million Dollar Decision
10. She's Not It
11. Egyptian Musk
12. Cannibal Girl
13. K Horse
14. Beating Heart Baby
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