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The Heavy Biography

After growing up trading Reggae, hip-hop and Soul records, vocalist Kelvin Swaby and guitarist Dan Taylor decided to take their tuneful infatuation one step further and jam. Based in Bath, ENGLAND, the two recruited keyboardist Hannah Collins, bassist Spencer Page and drummer Chris Ellul and called themselves The Heavy. After booking some gigs, the Alternative Soul-Rock quintet signed to the independent label Counter Records, an imprint of Ninja Tune.

In September 2007 The Heavy released its debut album, "Great Vengeance And Furious Fire", but soon after Collins left the fold.

Now operating as a four-piece the group issued their sophomore album, "The House That Dirt Built", in October 2009. The band's big break in U.S. came in early 2010 when they appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman.

In August 2012 The Heavy returned with "The Glorious Dead", a full-length album which includes the Alternative Rock top 40 hit "What Makes A Good Man".


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  • The Heavy band lineup 2008 The Heavy band lineup 2008
    The band line-up 2008

Great Vengeance And Furious Fire (2007)

Great Vengeance And Furious Fire
1. That Kind Of Man
2. Coleen
3. Set Me Free
4. You Don't Know
5. Girl
6. Doing Fine
7. In The Morning
8. Brukpocket's Lament
9. Dignity
10. Who Needs The Sunshine?

The House That Dirt Built (2009)

The House That Dirt Built
1. untitled
2. Oh No! Not You Again!!
3. How You Like Me Now?
4. Sixteen
5. Short Change Hero
6. No Time
7. Long Way From Home
8. Cause For Alarm
9. Love Like That
10. What You Want Me To Do?
11. Stuck

The Glorious Dead (2012)

The Glorious Dead
1. Can't Play Dead
2. Curse Me Good
3. What Makes A Good Man?
4. The Big Bad Wolf
5. Be Mine
6. Same Ol'
7. Just My Luck
8. The Lonesome Road
9. Don't Say Nothing
10. Blood Dirt Love Stop
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