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Hockey band

Hockey band photo 2009

Hockey Biography

The Portland, Oregon USA, Hockey is an Alternative-Rock combo with a significant debt to '80s New Wave sound.
Featuring lead singer + guitarist Ben Grubin, guitarist Brian White, bassist Jeremy Reynolds and drummer Anthony Stassi, the group got its start in 2007, after Grubin and Reynolds met while attending the University of Redlands in California. When the two were both close to graduating, picked-up and moved to Spokane, Washington, in search of the band's missing pieces.

They eventually signed with Virgin Records in the U.K. and then soon following, Capitol in the United States. Their debut album, "Mind Chaos", arrived in August 2009 and featured the single "Too Fake" which peaked at #25 on the Billboard's Alternative Songs chart.

Latest News:

After writing and recording for almost two years in in upstate New York, Hockey has set "Wyeth IS" as the title of its new album which contains the single "Wild Style".


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Hockey pictures:

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Mind Chaos (2009)

Mind Chaos
1. Too Fake
2. 3 AM Spanish
3. Learn To Lose
4. Work
5. Song Away
6. Curse This City
7. Wanna Be Black
8. Four Holy Photos
9. Preacher
10. Put The Game Down
11. Everyone's The Same Age

Wyeth IS (2013)

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Wyeth IS
INCLUDES: Wild Style
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