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Home Town Hero

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Home Town Hero

Home Town Hero photo 2002

Home Town Hero Biography

Home Town Hero came together in Los Angeles, California USA, in late 1999; lead singer + guitarist Aaron Bruno and guitarist Drew Stewart met in the mid-'90s while attending the same high school. There was instant chemistry between the two friends and that, along with their shared love of Punk-Rock music, compelled them to start a band. Together, they started writing songs and completed the rhythm section by recruiting bass player Todd Burnes and drummer Ray Blanco.

About five months after forming, the band independently recorded and produced an EP which they passed out at their shows; along with their explosive live performances, this recording began to spark label interest and eventually led to them getting signed with Maverick Records in early 2001. Add to this a rapidly growing fan base and gigs playing with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Tenacious D, Incubus, Weezer and Hoobastank.
In May 2002, Home Town Hero's self-titled debut album was finally released; the first single, "Questions", exhibited the harder edge of their music while simultaneously combining the harmonious tones of Bruno's vocals, the second single, "Eighteen", displayed the diversity of the album, with a very melodic yet Rock oriented feel.

After nearly four years of silence, Aaron Bruno and Drew Stewart started a new project called Under The Influence Of Giants.


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Home Town Hero (2002)

Home Town Hero self-titled album
1. Bleeds In Blue
2. Questions
3. Perfect Night
4. Twelve Ounce
5. Who's To Say
6. Everything Out Of Water
7. Run Right Through
8. Eighteen
9. Say I Do
10. Riley Joe
11. Bed Of Dreams
12. Saturday Morning
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