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Hourcast band

Hourcast photo 2010

Hourcast Biography

Born out of Boston, Massachusetts USA, Hourcast sprung to life in 2004. The members of the band, vocalist Patrick McBride, guitarist Dave Henriquez, bassist Dave Sullivan and drummer Jerry Clews have combined their varied influences to create a unique sound that incorporates elements of Hard-Rock and Metal with a distinct dark electronic atmosphere.

In mid-2006 the quartet put out its first album, "State Of Disgrace"; speaking of live shows, Hourcast supported their debut disc by opening on national tours with Godsmack, Sevendust, Breaking Benjamin and 30 Seconds To Mars.

Four years later they resurfaced with "Dystopia", which finds their sound evolving; the Industrial vibe that appears on the sophomore album may be influenced by co-producer Jay Gordon of Orgy. "Freakshow", the first single and probably the most anthemic song on the record, managed to crack the Active Rock airplay chart; it was followed by another powerful single, "Attraction".


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Hourcast pictures:

  • Hourcast band 2006 Hourcast band 2006
    The group in their early days

State Of Disgrace (2006)

State Of Disgrace
1. This Life
2. Sakkara
3. Freeze
4. God Failed
5. Lunar
6. Smash Up
7. Almost Like Life
8. Numb
9. 3rd Of July
10. Stillwater
11. Memories And Lies
12. Uhaul
13. Imbalance

Dystopia (2010)

1. Drug Me
2. Little Miss
3. Big Deal
4. Attraction
5. Zombie
6. Freakshow
7. Invisible
8. Trust
9. Shallow
10. The Last Thing I'll Do
11. Blue
12. The Great Deceiver
13. Clockwork
14. Eden Shakes
15. Hell Or Hollywood
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