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Huck Johns

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Huck Johns

Huck Johns photo 2005

Huck Johns Biography

From his adopted home town of Hollywood, Huck Johns, born and raised in Detroit, Michigan USA.

Johns delivered an amazing first album combining the influences of hard workin blue collar Rock and Roll ala AC/DC and Stone Temple Pilots, with a no holds barred attitude of today's hi-energy Alternative-Rock.
His debut full-length CD, "Huck", came out in March 2006 on Capitol Records; it included the single "Oh Yeah" which peaked at #36 on The Mainstream Rock chart.

Two years later Johns teamed up with former Buckcherry bassist, Jonathan 'JB' Brightman and they formed Black Robot.


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Huck (2006)

1. Oh Yeah
2. Fever
3. Infatuation
4. Kill Everything
5. Damn Fine Woman
6. Free
7. One Good Man
8. Answer
9. Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
10. Rearview Mirror
11. Forgiveness
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