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Hurt band 2011

Hurt band photo 2011

Hurt Biography

Formed around the start of the new millenium, in Los Angeles, California USA, Hurt is a hot heavy-Rock Alternative-Metal band initially comprised of singer + guitarist J. Loren Wince, guitarist Paul Spatola, bassist Josh Ansley and drummer Evan Johns.

Their debut album, "Volume 1", was released on Capitol Records in March 2006; it peaked at #7 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers list and reached #175 on The Billboard 200 Sales chart producing two Hot Mainstream Rock top 20 hits: "Rapture" and "Falls Apart".
During their early years the foursome toured with such big names as Staind, Three Days Grace and Army Of Anyone.

In September 2007, Hurt released their sophomore effort. The 12-song set, aptly titled "Vol. II", crawled up to #101 on The Billboard 200 and the main single, "Ten Ton Brick", bulleted into the Hot Mainstream Rock top 10 chart at #6; the album also included the Hot Mainstream Rock top 40 hit "Loded".
The band was ultimately dropped by Capitol in mid-2008 and also around this time, Rek Mohr replaced former bassist, Josh Ansley, who decided to pursue other interests.

At the start of 2009 Hurt parted ways with drummer Evan Johns and replaced him with Louie Sciancalepore. The group's third album, "Goodbye To The Machine", was issued on the band's own label Amusement Recordings in April 2009. The disc reached the #112 position on The Billboard 200 Albums chart and "Wars", the first single off the CD, peaked at #20 on The Hot Mainstream Rock radio chart. The follow-up single was the minor Active Rock radio hit "Pills".

Following the departure of Sciancalepore who was replaced by Victor Ribas, in early 2010 the band recorded a new single called "Numbers"; the track marked the recording debut of guitarist Michael Roberts.
One year later Paul Spatola tendered his resignation from the band, the reason for his departure was that he had an ongoing personal situation whereby playing music was now not a priority for him.

In May 2012 Hurt finally released a new album "The Crux", which includes the aforementioned single titled "Numbers" and the Active Rock top 20 hit "How We End Up Alone".


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Hurt pictures:

  • Hurt band 2006 Hurt band 2006
    Group shot 2006
  • Hurt band lineup 2007 Hurt band lineup 2007
    The band line-up 2007
  • Hurt band 2009 Hurt band 2009
    "Goodbye To The Machine" era

Volume One (2006)

Volume One
1. Shallow
2. Rapture
3. Overdose
4. Falls Apart
5. Forever
6. Losing
7. Unkind
8. Danse Russe
9. Dirty
10. Cold Inside
11. House Carpenter

Vol. II (2007)

Vol. II
1. Summers Lost
2. Ten Ton Brick
3. Aftermath
4. Abuse Of Sid
5. Alone With The Sea
6. Talking To God
7. Loded
8. Better
9. Assurance
10. On The Radio
11. Et Al
12. Thank You For Listening

Goodbye To The Machine (2009)

Goodbye To The Machine
1. Got Jealous
2. Pandora
3. Wars
4. World Ain't Right
5. Sweet Delilah
6. 1331
7. Role Martyr X
8. Well
9. Pills
10. Dreams Away
11. Fighting Tao
12. That (Such A Thing)

The Crux (2012)

The Crux
1. So When
2. Eden
3. Links And Waves
4. Sally Slips
5. When It's Cold
6. Adonai
7. Caught In The Rain
8. Cuffed
9. How We End Up Alone
10. Numbers
11. The Seer
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