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IAMDYNAMITE photo 2011


Alternative-Rock duo IAMDYNAMITE began in 2008 with Christopher Martin on guitar + vocals and Chris Phillips on drums + vocals. They honed their sound and vision while coming up in the music scene of Detroit, Michigan USA and with countless college shows throughout the Midwest.

That year IAMDYNAMITE caught the ears of Brando Records and Matt Noveskey, bass player for Blue October, which eventually led to Noveskey producing the band's first EP and subsequently their debut full length album "SuperMegaFantastic", released in September of 2011; in the fall the band set out on their first coast to coast tour. The single "Where Will We Go" managed to crack the Alternative Songs top 40 chart, nearly a year later, peaking at #31.


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SuperMegaFantastic (2011)

1. Where Will We Go
2. Hi Lo
3. Riot In The Neon Light
4. Carolina
5. Hey Girl
6. Stereo
7. Ms. Jones
8. OEO
9. Take Me Home
10. Annie
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