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Ida Maria

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Ida Maria

Ida Maria photo 2008

Ida Maria Biography

Born Ida Maria Børli Sivertsen on July 13, 1984, in Nesna, NORWAY, a university town of fewer than 2,000 people near the Arctic Circle, began her musical training with piano lessons at the age of 14. Ida later moved to Stockholm where she developed a distinctive sound, a combination of raw garage-Rock, hummable choruses, gamine good looks and deliberately provocative lyrical themes, that saw her swiftly become an indie favourite winning coveted slots at 2008's Isle Of Wight and Glastonbury festivals.

The Scandinavian sensation's first album, "Fortress Round My Heart", was initially released in July 2008 on Sony BMG, it debuted inside the U.K. Top 40 Albums chart; the disc is an effective batch of catchy choruses and high-octane Rock tunes, including the British top 20 hit single "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked". In early 2009, the album was re-released in an updated edition and subsequently the aforementioned single climbed into the top 30 of the U.S. Hot Modern Rock Tracks. This was followed by the minor hit single "Oh My God".

 Featuring the single "Bad Karma", Ida Maria released her second album, "Katla", in the fall of 2010 in Norway and in mid-2011 in the rest of the world.


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Ida Maria pictures:

  • Ida Maria live Isle Of Wight Ida Maria live Isle Of Wight
    Ida Maria - live at Isle Of Wight (June 2008)

Fortress Round My Heart (2008)

Fortress Round My Heart
1. Oh My God
2. Drive Away My Heart
3. Louie
4. I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
5. Keep Me Warm
6. Forgive Me
7. Stella
8. Morning Light
9. Queen Of The World
10. See Me Through

Katla (2010)

1. Quite Nice People
2. Bad Karma
3. 10,000 Lovers
4. Cherry Red
5. Let's Leave
6. I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast
7. Devil
8. My Shoes
9. Gallery
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