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Ima Robot

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Ima Robot

Ima Robot photo 2006

Ima Robot Biography

This Los Angeles, California USA, Alternative-Rock band first formed in the second half of the '90s around the core of lead singer Alex Ebert, guitarist Timmy Anderson and keyboardist Oliver 'Oligee' Goldstein; not long after they were joined by bassist Justin Meldal Johnsen and drummer Joey Waronker.

Ima Robot subsequently scored a deal with Virgin Records who released their self-titled debut album in September of 2003, the CD, which included two singles "Dynomite" and "Alive", was supported on the road with a U.S. tour with Hot Hot Heat.

Three years later, the band resurfaced with a new line-up of of Ebert, Anderson, Andy Marlow on guitar, Filip Nikolic on bass and ex-Oleander drummer Scott Devours; in September 2006, they released "Monument To The Masses", which was preceded by the lead single "Creeps Me Out".

After parting ways with Virgin Records, Ebert issued in the summer of 2009 the first album with his freewheeling musical project Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

October 2010 saw the release of Ima Robot's third full-length disc, "Another Man's Treasure".


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  • Ima Robot band lineup 2003 Ima Robot band lineup 2003
    The band line-up 2003

Ima Robot (2003)

Ima Robot self-titled album
1. Dynomite
2. Song #1
3. Alive
4. Scream
5. A Is For Action
6. Dirty Life
7. Let's Talk Turkey
8. Philosophofee
9. 12=3 (Here Come The Doctors)
10. Here Comes The Bombs
11. What Are We Made From
12. Black Jettas

Monument To The Masses (2006)

Monument To The Masses
1. Disconnect
2. Creeps Me Out
3. Cool Cool Universe
4. The Beat
5. Eskimo Ride
6. Chip Off The Block
7. Happy Annie
8. Pouring Pain
9. Stick It To The Man
10. What Comes Tomorrow
11. Lovers In Captivity
12. Dangerous Life

Another Man's Treasure (2010)

Another Man's Treasure
1. intro
2. Ruthless
3. Rough Night
4. Life Is Short
5. Sail With Me
6. Pass It On
7. Shine Shine
8. Swell
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