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Institute band

Institute band photo 2005

Institute Biography

The Alternative-Rock band Institute was formed in 2005 by former Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale; his last record with the British act was 2001's "Golden State" and the band quietly dissolved shortly after guitarist Nigel Pulsford announced his intention to stop touring; in 2002 Rossdale recorded, as a solo artist, the single "Adrenaline" for the soundtrack to the movie "XXX".

Institute, in which the rocker was backed by ex-Helmet guitarist Chris Traynor, bassist Cache Tolman and drummer Charlie Walker, issued its debut abum in September 2005 on Interscope Records; the Helmet's main-man Page Hamilton produced "Distort Yourself" peaked at #81 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums list, led by the single "Bullet-Proof Skin" which hit #26 on both Modern and Mainstream Rock charts.


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Distort Yourself (2005)

Distort Yourself
1. Bullet-Proof Skin
2. When Animals Attack
3. Come On Over
4. Information Age
5. Wasteland
6. Boom Box
7. Seventh Wave
8. The Heat Of Your Love
9. Ambulances
10. Secrets And Lies
11. Mountains
12. Save The Robots
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