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Instruction band

Instruction band photo 2004

Instruction Biography

Singer + guitarist Arty Shepherd was at the helm of this Alternative-Rock five-piece outfit based in Long Island, New York USA; rounding out the line-up were Tom Capone and Joe Grillo on guitars, Adam Marino on bass and Ti Kreck on drums.

The group formed in 2003 and soon after they released an independent 3-track EP. A few months later, Instruction inked a deal with Geffen Records, the label gave them the opportunity to tour with major acts like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan.
In August 2004, the band issued its debut full-length album, "God Doesn't Care", it contained the single "Breakdown" which reached the #34 position on The Mainstream Rock chart.


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God Doesn't Care (2004)

God Doesn't Care
1. Great
2. Lean On You
3. Are You Happy?
4. I'm Dead
5. Breakdown
6. Pissed Me Off Again
7. Death To The Four Car Garage Band
8. Feed The Culture
9. Your Punk Sucks
10. Types To Exceptions
11. Three Stops Short Of Dagenham
12. God Doesn't Care If We Blow Up The Fucking World
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