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Interpol band 2010

Interpol photo 2010
LtoR: Daniel Kessler, Paul Banks and Sam Fogarino

Interpol Biography

With the original line-up consisting of singer + guitarist Paul Banks, guitarist Daniel Kessler, bassist Carlos Dengler and drummer Greg Drudy, this Alternative-Rock band was created in New York City, New York USA, in 1998; two years later Drudy and the band split leaving the remaining members with a significant and reflective hiatus; not long after, Interpol, was joined by drummer Sam Fogarino.

The group first started gigging around the New York clubs, released a string of three EPs and in the spring of 2001 they played in Glasgow, Manchester and London.
Later in the year, the band tucked themselves away in Connecticut at Tarquin Studios to record their debut full-length album, "Turn On The Bright Lights", which was issued on Matador label in August 2002, the record cracked the top 5 of The Billboard Top Independent Albums chart and reached #158 on The Billboard 200; it contained a couple of singles, "Obstacle 1" and "PDA", which received good airplay on alt-Rock radio stations and showed evidence of the band's future brilliance.

The New York foursome returned to the studio to create "Antics" that would prove to be their breakthrough album, it was released in September 2004 and eventually climbed to #15 on The Billboard 200 Albums chart. The main single, "Slow Hands", peaked at #15 on The Modern Rock chart and also reached #31 on the U.K. Top 40 Sales chart; the album generated two more U.K. Top 40 hits, "C'mere" and "Evil" which both hit #14 and with the latter peaking at #24 on the U.S. Modern Rock airplay chart.

Interpol doesn't stray far from the formula that helped its first two Matador albums sell more than one million copies combined on their third full-length CD "Our Love To Admire", which was issued on Capitol Records in July 2007. It quickly bulleted into the top 5 in Canada, U.S. and even in the U.K. highlighted by the smash single "The Heinrich Maneuver", which peaked at #11 on The Hot Modern Rock chart.

August 2009 saw Paul Banks unleash his first solo record under the moniker Julian Plenti.

In September 2010 Interpol resurfaced with its eponymous CD. Former member Carlos Dengler left the group after the completion of the album, which debuted at #7 on The Billboard 200 and at #11 on The Top Canadian Albums charts. It included the Aternative Songs top 40 hit "Barricade".


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Interpol pictures:

  • Interpol band lineup 2002 Interpol band lineup 2002
    The band line-up 2002
  • Interpol band 2004 Interpol band 2004
    Interpol "Antics" era

Turn On The Bright Lights (2002)

Turn On The Bright Lights
1. untitled
2. Obstacle 1
3. NYC
4. PDA
5. Say Hello To The Angels
6. Hands Away
7. Obstacle 2
8. Stella Was A Diver And She Was Always Down
9. Roland
10. The New
11. Leif Erikson

Antics (2004)

1. Next Exit
2. Evil
4. Take You On A Cruise
5. Slow Hands
6. Not Even Jail
7. Public Pervert
8. C'mere
9. Length Of Love
10. A Time To Be So Small

Our Love To Admire (2007)

Our Love To Admire
1. Pioneer To The Falls
2. No I In Threesome
3. The Scale
4. The Heinrich Maneuver
5. Mammoth
6. Pace Is The Trick
7. All Fired Up
8. Rest My Chemistry
9. Who Do You Think
10. Wrecking Ball
11. The Lighthouse

Interpol (2010)

Interpol self-titled album
1. Success
2. Memory Serves
3. Summer Well
4. Lights
5. Barricade
6. Always Malaise (The Man I Am)
7. Safe Without
8. Try It On
9. All Of The Ways
10. The Undoing
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