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Inward Eye

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Inward Eye

Inward Eye photo 2009
Left to right: Kyle Erickson, Dave Erickson and Anders Erickson

Inward Eye Biography

Inward Eye is a three-piece band from Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA, consisting of three brothers, singer + bassist Dave Erickson, guitarist Kyle Erickson and drummer Anders Erickson. Despite their young age Inward Eye has been playing together for over 6 years. The group has honed a sound that is reminiscent of the Classic-Rock style but at the same time remains fresh and modern.
In 2003 Inward Eye uprooted from the local undergroun scene to the arena Rock landscape across the nation.

Having toured relentlessly throughout the U.S. and Canada, in August of 2009 the band finally delivered their debut album "Throwing Bricks Instead Of Kisses" to J Records. The set contained the Canadian Active Rock top 20 hit "Day After Day".


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Inward Eye pictures:

  • Inward Eye band 2005 Inward Eye band 2005
    Group shot 2005

Throwing Bricks Instead Of Kisses (2009)

Throwing Bricks Instead Of Kisses
1. Shame
2. Blind Paranoia
3. Heroin Heart
4. Don't Paint It Blue
5. Day After Day
6. Like A Man
7. Liar
8. You Know I Know
9. Never Mind The Hipsters
10. Holdin' On
11. Wasteland
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