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ism band 2008

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ism Biography

ism was an Alternative-Rock unit which combined smart lyrics delivered with high emotion and elements of Electro-Rock and Industrial; the band started in 2003 in New York City with Andre Mistier on vocals + guitar, Gerard Toriello on guitar, Leigh Battle on bass and Michael Higgins on drums.

The band's critically acclaimed full-length debut, "Monkey Underneath", was released on STM Records in February 2006, preceded by the alt-Rock radio single "Breathe".

On the road supporting their first album, band members began to flip the script, taking their focus away from standard musical sensibilities. An industrial rumble and a resonant electronic soundscape gradually became the base of their live sets, with the more organic instruments, guitar, bass and drums, better integrated into the mix. That sensibility and the many new songs that were honed on tour, became key as ism re-entered the studio for "Urgency". "Sacred Cows" was the first single from the group's sophomore album which was released in August 2008.


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  • ism band lineup 2006 ism band lineup 2006
    The band line-up 2006

Monkey Underneath (2006)

Monkey Underneath
1. Beside The Sun
2. Wake Up, Write It Down
3. Goodbye
4. Can't Explain
5. Monkey Underneath
6. The Fill
7. Breathe
8. No More
9. Out Of The Way
10. Crazy Dream

Urgency (2008)

1. 0.32
2. Urgency
3. Give It Back
4. Animadversion
5. Fly
6. interlude
7. Sacred Cows
8. The Only One
9. Ash And Rose
10. Postlude
11. Graffiti
12. Resistance Lullaby
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