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It Dies Today

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It Dies Today

It Dies Today photo 2008

It Dies Today Biography

Born and bred among the Buffalo, New York USA Alternative-Metal scene, It Dies Today formed in August of 2001 by vocalist Nicholas Brooks, guitarist Chris Cappelli and guitarist Steve Lemke, who moved onto bass in the current line-up. The group created a blend of brutal riffs, punishing breakdowns but coupled with huge anthemic and driving melodic sections as well.

The band's initial release was the "Forever Scorned" EP which they took on the road with drummer Nick Mirusso. Soon after, Lemke switched to the bass guitar and with new guitarist, Mike Hatalak on board, the guys reworked their sound and were signed to Trustkill Records who issued the band's debut full-length, "The Caitiff Choir", in September 2004; the album struck a chord throughout the media and consumer alike, having sold over 75,000 copies and allowing the band to sell out two national headlining tours with support from Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium and others.

It Dies Today returned in October 2006 with its second album, "Sirens". The disc, which featured the Rock-radio single "Sixth Of June" and the video/single "Sacred Heart (Sacre Coeur)", debuted at #14 on the U.S. Top Independent Albums chart and reached the #174 position on The Billboard 200. In 2007 they went back on the road alongside acts like Atreyu, All That Remains and Machine Head with new singer Jason Wood while Brooks left the fold to launch his new band.

In September 2009 the Buffalo, New York-based Metalcore quintet released their third album entitled "Lividity", but the record failed to make any impact on the charts.


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It Dies Today pictures:

  • It Dies Today band lineup 2004 It Dies Today band lineup 2004
    The band line-up 2004
  • It Dies Today band 2006 It Dies Today band 2006
    It Dies Today in 2006

The Caitiff Choir (2004)

The Caitiff Choir
1. My Promise
2. Severed Ties Yeild Severed Heads
3. The Radiance
4. The Depraivity Waltz
5. A Threnody For Modern Romance
6. Marigold
7. Freak Gasoline Fight Accident
8. The Caitiff Choir: Revelations
9. Our Disintergration
10. Naenia
11. The Caitiff Choir: Defeatism

Sirens (2006)

1. A Constant Reminder
2. A Port In Any Storm
3. The Bacchanal Affair
4. Sacred Heart (Sacre Coeur)
5. Sixth Of June
6. Reignite The Fires
7. Black Bile, Whites Lies
8. Sirens
9. Through Leaves, Over Bridges
10. On The Road (To Damnation)
11. Turn Loose The Doves

Lividity (2009)

1. This Ghost
2. Reckless Abandon
3. Thank You For Drinking
4. Miss October
5. Bled Out In Black And White
6. Martyr Of Truth
7. Nihility
8. Life Of Uncertainty
9. The Architects
10. Complacence Without Pursuit (Lividity)
11. Come Undone
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