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It's Alive band

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It's Alive Biography

Three of the four members of the Alternative-Rock outfit It's Alive have played together, off and on, since they were teenagers in Lake Mary, Florida USA, a small town about 30 minutes outside Orlando, where vocalist + lyricist Zach Webb first met and formed a musical partnership with drummer Eddie Matta, often joined by bassist Juice Dean. When guitarist Clay Haywood joined in 2008, the line-up was finalized.

"Human Resources", their debut album for Wind-up Records, was released in May 2010; the 12-song set contained the Active Rock top 40 hit "Pieces".


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Human Resources (2010)

Human Resources
1. The Bottom
2. Pieces
3. Liar
4. Back Into The Rain
5. Questions
6. Here's To You
7. Selfless
8. Refuge From The Wreckage
9. Dialysis
10. Changing Colors
11. Fool For You
12. Can't Love Me
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