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Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg photo 2013

Jake Bugg Biography

Indie Pop-Rock singer + songwriter Jake Bugg was born in Nottingham, ENGLAND, on February 28, 1994 and was raised in the huge Clifton council estate. Bugg started playing guitar when he was 12 and started writing at 13.

In October 2012 he released his eponymous first album making a triumphant debut at #1 on the U.K. Official Albums chart.

The second studio album by Jake Bugg was recorded in California and released in November 2013. It contains the U.S. Alternative Songs top 40 hit single "What Doesn't Kill You".


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Jake Bugg pictures:

  • Jake Bugg 2011 Jake Bugg 2011
    Jake Bugg in 2011