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James Blunt

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James Blunt

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James Blunt Biography

James Hillier Blount was born on February 22, 1974 in Tidworth, Wiltshire ENGLAND. He came from a long line of army officers and at the age of 23, Captain Blount was leading 30,000 British peacekeepers into Kosovo's war zone.
After leaving the army in 2002 to become a full-time musician, his early demos, showcasing his haunting voice and intimate songs, secured him management and publishing deals within months. A meeting with producer and songwriter, Linda Perry resulted in Blunt signing to her label, Custard Records.

In September 2003, singer + songwriter James Blunt entered a Los Angeles studio to record his debut album, "Back To Bedlam". It broke into the U.K. Top 40 Albums list in the early summer of 2005, eventually reaching #1 and staying at the top of the chart for five weeks; the album produced the massive smash "You're Beautiful" which soared to #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, in Canada, Australia, Great Britain and several other European countries; "Goodbye My Lover" was another hit, appearing in the top 10 of the U.K. Official Singles chart. "Back To Bedlam" eventually climbed to the top of the Australian, Canadian and U.S. Albums charts in early 2006.

The artist's 2007 sophomore effort, "All The Lost Souls" also was a success, #1 in Great Britain, Australia and Canada, although its numbers didn't match those of "Back To Bedlam". The lead-off single from the record was "1973", it stalled at #4 in U.K. and didn't come close to cracking the U.S. Top 40.

James Blunt returned in November 2010 with his third album, "Some Kind Of Trouble"; the disc hit #4 on the British Official Albums chart spawning a top 40 hit with "Stay The Night".

Featuring the hit single "Bonfire Heart", the British singer + songwriter's next offering, "Moon Landing", was released in October 2013.


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