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Jasta bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Jasta photo 2011
Jamey Jasta and Zakk Wylde

Jasta Biography

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Jasta pictures:

  • Jasta 2007 Jasta 2007
    Jamey Jasta at Ozzfest 2007

Jasta (2011)

Jasta self-titled album
1. Walk That Path Alone
2. Mourn The Illusion
3. Screams From The Sanctuary
4. Nothing They Say
5. Anthem Of The Freedom Fighter
6. Something You Should Know
7. Set You Adrift
8. Enslaved, Dead, Or Depraved
9. With A Resounding Voice
10. The Fearless Must Endure
11. Heart Of Warrior
12. Death Bestowed
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