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Jesse James Dupree

Jesse James Dupree bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Jesse James Dupree

Jesse James Dupree photo 2008

Jesse James Dupree Biography

Known mostly as being “the guy who plays the chainsaw” as a member of the Hard-Rock outfit Jackyl, on the Mainstream Rock top 40 hit "The Lumberjack", Jesse James Dupree began to play guitar and sing in the late '80s in his hometown of Kennesaw, Georgia USA. He really customized an electric guitar with a chainsaw attached.

After four albums with Jackyl, Dupree recorded as a solo artist, "Foot Fetish", in collaboration with guitarist John Hayes, former Brother Cane bassist Roman Glick and studio drummer Tony Belser. The disc was released in June 2000 to mixed reviews while drummer John Skinner was brought in for the tour that consisted of opening gigs for such Rock heavyweights as Queensrÿche and Stone Temple Pilots. The album's first single, "Mainline", did eventually receive airplay and managed to crack the Billbord's Mainstream Rock top 40.
In early 2001 Jackyl reformed and the modern Southern-Rock band released yet another album in the following year.

July 2008 saw the release of "Rev It Up And Go-Go" a 20-song set credited to Jesse James Dupree & Dixie Inc. which begins with the title-track and first single.
The album failed to make it in the charts and Dupree resurrected Jackyl in 2010 to record the album "When Moonshine And Dynamite Collide".


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Jesse James Dupree pictures:

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    Jesse James Dupree in 2004

Foot Fetish (2000)

Foot Fetish
1. Mainline
2. First Taste Of Freedom
3. Losing My Mind
4. Second Chance
5. Satisfied
6. Devil's Advocate
7. Reason
8. I Gotcha
9. I Don't Share Your Pain
10. Let's Don't Go There
11. There Comes A Time
12. Higher

¬ credited: Jesse James Dupree & Dixie Inc.

Rev It Up And Go-Go (2008)

Rev It Up And Go-Go
1. Rev It Up And Go-Go
2. Bite
3. Drop Dead Ready
4. Tank
5. Wash Me Away
6. 1095 Days
7. Money Lovin And Speed
8. Get To Me
9. One Extreme intro
10. Welcome To The Show
11. The Party
12. Reality Star intro
13. Reality Star
14. A. J. White's
15. Well Enough
16. Fire It Up
17. Had To Get Stoned
18. American As Apple Pie
19. Far Out
20. One Extreme outro
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