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Jet band

Jet band photo 2006

Jet Biography

This Rock quartet was formed in the second half of the '90s in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, but took the name Jet in 2002. The band consists of guitarist + vocalist Nic Cester, his younger brother Chris on drums + vocals, Cameron Muncey on guitar + vocals and bass player Mark Wilson.

Their music is largely influenced by the heavy-Rock of AC/DC and American Classic-Rock; in 2002 the band released a 4-track EP titled "Dirty Sweet" on Rubber Records, a series of live performances followed, delivering a high butane set when the need arose; Jet was picked up by Elektra Records and soon after they scored a support slot on the Australian leg of The Rolling Stones world tour.

The band's debut full-length CD, "Get Born", was finally released in November 2003; the 13-song set debuted at #1 on the Australian Albums chart, hit the top 20 in U.K. and reached the #26 position on The Billboard Top 200 chart going platinum and spawning an endless string of successful singles: "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" hit #3 on The Modern Rock chart, peaked at #16 in Great Britain and reached #29 on The Billboard Hot 100; "Cold Hard Bitch" topped both Modern and Mainstream Rock lists, "Rollover D.J." made top 20 on the same charts, "Look What You've Done" rose to #7 on The Modern Rock chart and crossed over to the top 40 Sales charts in the States, Australia, U.K. and even Canada.

The Melbourne quartet returned in October 2006 with their sophomore album, "Shine On"; the band maintained its tough and alive sound and delivered the same mix of energetic rockers and introspective ballads as before. It also was a success peaking at #3 in their homecountry and at #16 on the American Billboard Top 200 chart, although its numbers, in terms of unit sold, didn't match those of their debut. The first single, "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is", shot to #7 on The Hot Modern Rock chart and was followed by "Stand Up", which reached #22 on The Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and the title-track, a further Hot Modern Rock top 30 entrant.

Jet issued its third and final full-length disc, "Shaka Rock", in August 2009. "She's A Genius", the first single, peaked at #18 on The Hot Modern Rock chart and was followed by the U.S. Active Rock top 40 hit "Black Hearts (On Fire)" and the Australian Top 40 entrant "Seventeen". The album failed to repeat the chart performance of its predecessors.

After more than 10 years together, Jet officially disbanded in March 2012.


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Jet pictures:

  • Jet band 2003 Jet band 2003
    Group shot 2003

Get Born (2003)

Get Born
1. Last Chance
2. Are You Gonna Be My Girl
3. Rollover D.J.
4. Look What You've Done
5. Get What You Need
6. Move On
7. Radio Song
8. Get Me Outta Here
9. Cold Hard Bitch
10. Come Around Again
11. Take It Or Leave It
12. Lazy Gun
13. Timothy

Shine On (2006)

Shine On
1. L'esprit D'escalier
2. Holiday
3. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
4. Bring It On Back
5. That's All Lies
6. Hey Kids
7. Kings Horses
8. Shine On
9. Come On Come On
10. Stand Up
11. Rip It Up
12. Skin And Bones
13. Shiny Magazine
14. Eleanor
15. All You Have To Do

Shaka Rock (2009)

Shaka Rock
1. K.I.A (Killed In Action)
2. Beat On Repeat
3. She's A Genius
4. Black Hearts (On Fire)
5. Seventeen
6. La Di Da
7. Goodbye Hollywood
8. Walk
9. Times Like This
10. Let Me Out
11. Start The Show
12. She Holds A Grudge
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