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Jet Black Stare

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Jet Black Stare

Jet Black Stare photo 2008

Jet Black Stare Biography

Back in early 2007, after becoming frustrated with his past band's creative differences, Rod Black, found the perfect song-writing companion in fellow Vancouver, CANADA resident, songwriter + producer Jeff Johnson; this led to the formation of the Alternative-Rock outfit Jet Black Stare with Black on vocals, Flip and Dave Muselman on guitars, Shane Hayes on bass and Dan Swinimer on drums.

The band were soon picked up by Island Records and Jet Black Stare blasts their way onto Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock radio with their first single "Ready To Roll", in advance of their debut album, "In This Life", which arrived in stores in July 2008. In the midst of this activity the quintet wrapped up a cross-country tour of their native Canada with Econoline Crush and State Of Shock as well as co-headlining shows with Saving Abel, Shinedown and EndeverafteR through Texas, south of the border.


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In This Life (2008)

In This Life
1. Ready To Roll
2. I'm Breathing
3. In This Life
4. Every Moment
5. It's Over
6. Rearview Mirror
7. Fly
8. I Won't Let Go
9. Poster Princess
10. The River
11. Next To Me
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