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Jibe band

Jibe band photo 2003

Jibe Biography

This Alternative-Rock quartet from Dallas, Texas USA, was formed in February 1994 by vocalist Joe Grah, guitarist Toby Bittenbender, bassist Corey Tatro and drummer Ben Jeffries.

In 1996, when they released their self-titled first studio- album various alternative Texan radio included Jibe's songs in playlist and charts.

During the following years the quartet played several live shows sharing the stage with Toadies, Lit, Oleander, Creed and Fastball. In September of 2000 arrived their second album "In My Head".

Nearly three years later, Jibe, re-emerged with its third full-length disc, "Uprising", it included the single "Yesterday's Gone".


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Jibe (1996)

Jibe self-titled album
1. Five Year
2. If I Stumble
3. This Day
4. Return Flight
5. She Round Eye
6. May
7. Somber
8. Fall
9. Lay Low
10. Stronghold
11. Water To Blood

In My Head (2000)

In My Head
1. Prologue
2. Daybreak
3. Slippin' Away
4. Goodbye
5. Naked In The Rain
6. I'll Meet You Halfway
7. Tremblina
8. Drive
9. Underwater Life
10. Phone Call
11. Blood

Uprising (2003)

1. Yesterday's Gone
2. Kill Me Again
3. In Between
4. Rewind
5. Crush
6. Broken
7. Hypocrite
8. Conversation
9. Beautiful Lies
10. Fade
11. Uprising
12. River
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