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Ken Block

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Ken Block photo 2008

Ken Block Biography

Pop-Rock singer + guitarist & songwriter Ken Block, was born on November 23, 1966 and began performing professionally at the age of 12.
In 1993, he helped form the platinum Alternative-Rock band Sister Hazel in Gainesville, Florida USA. The band scored their greatest smash single with "All For You", from the 1997's hit album "Somewhere More Familiar", peaking at #11 on The Billboard Hot 100; three years later their third studio album, "Fortress", was another sizeable hit on the strength of the triple-A radio top 5 single "Change Your Mind".
However, waning commercial interest led to the end of the band's major label contract with Universal. Sister Hazel returned to independent status with "Chasing Daylight" in 2003.

After two more indie albums with his band, in December 2008 Ken Block released his debut solo disc, "Drift", on Rock Ridge label. The album includes the single "The Other Side".


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Ken Block pictures:

  • Ken Block 2003 Ken Block 2003
    K. Block with Sister Hazel (live in Charlotte NC, fall 2003)

Drift (2008)

1. Blue To A Blind Man
2. The Other Side
3. Completely Wasted
4. I Don't Mind
5. It's Alright
6. Better This Way
7. So Far
8. 33,059 Days
9. Ride
10. Chance
11. You And Me
12. We Don't Talk Anymore
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