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Kid Rock

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Kid Rock

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Kid Rock Biography

Robert James Ritchie was born on January 17, 1971 in Romeo, Michigan USA. After barely graduating from high school, Kid Rock moved to Detroit for the next ten years, sleeping on friends' couches in the Colchester projects; he worked at a car wash, slung crack and earned extra scratch through his DJ gigs, immersed himself in Hip-Hop culture.

He learned to breakdance, grew in a high-top fade and began performing as Rap-Rock act in a style similar to the Beastie Boys' "License To Ill". A series of demo recordings led to a recording contract with Jive Records. The label released his debut album, "Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast", in 1990.
The following year he was arrested on alcohol charges.

Kid Rock split from Jive and moved to New York City, signed on with indie label Continuum and in the spring of 1993 released his second full-length disc, "The Polyfuze Method". While it isn't much better than its predecessor, the album doesn't swipe as shamelessly from established Hip-Hop acts and represents a significant leap forward not only in the development of Kid Rock's unlikely mixture of Classic-Rock, Hip-Hop and Country influences, but his own trailer-park pimp-daddy persona.

He then moved back to Detroit; to growing acclaim, but no big payoffs, this time Rock put togheter a Rap-Metal band that included backing vocalists, two guitarists, a complete rhythm section with his long-time friend turntablist Uncle Kracker and in mid-1996 "Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp" was released under Kid Rock's own label, Top Dog Records.

"Devil Without A Cause" was initially issued in 1998 on Top Dog, but when the record was released by Lava/Atlantic Records, the first single off the CD, "Bawitdaba", peaked at #11 on The Mainstream Rock chart and subsequently rose to #10 on The Modern Rock Tracks. "Cowboy" had nudged higher to #5 and was followed by "Only God Knows Why" which he wrote in jail after a bar fight, on the same day he signed to Atlantic; the track peaked at #19 on The Billboard Hot 100, hit #5 on The Modern Rock chart and helped push the album to #4 on The Billboard Top 200 chart; the record eventually went on to sell over 12 million copies.

The collection of revamped early material entitled, "The History Of Rock", was issued in May of 2000, the set pierced the Top Canadian Albums chart at #3 and The Billboard 200 at #2 spawning the previously unreleased song "American Bad Ass", which hit the top 20 of The Modern Rock chart.

After Uncle Kracker left the crew and launched his solo career, Kid Rock started recording the next album, 2001's "Cocky", which remained in the U.S. Top 200 for nearly two years and crashed into the top 3 when he ties the knot with actress Pamela Anderson; the album generated two Active Rock top 20 hits: "Forever" and "Lonely Road Of Faith"; it also contained "Picture", a duet with Sheryl Crow, which peaked at #4 on The Billboard Hot 100.

In November 2003, Kid Rock, returned with a self-titled full-length disc which shot to #8 on The Billboard 200 chart; the first single, the cover of Bad Company's "Feel Like Makin' Love", reached the #33 position on The Mainstream Rock chart and was followed by the Active Rock top 20 hit "Jackson, Mississippi" and "I Am", a further top 30 entrant.

After 22 million records sold in the U.S. and a three year hiatus, the Michigan artist put out his seventh studio album, "Rock N Roll Jesus", this marked his first #1 debut on The Billboard 200 chart and subsequently finished inside the top 5 in U.K. and Canada. The first single, "So Hott", crested at #2 on The Hot Mainstream Rock and #13 on The Hot Modern Rock Tracks; "Amen", followed, peaking at #11 on The Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks and at #27 on the alt-Rock airplay chart. But it was the third single, "All Summer Long", a shotgun marriage between Warren Zevon's "Werewolves Of London" and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama", that caused the biggest stir around the globe earning #1 in Australia, U.K. and several other European countries; in U.S. "All Summer Long" reached #23 on The Billboard Hot 100 and #17 on the Active Rock chart. The final single, the album's title-track, was another Hot Mainstream Rock top 40 hit for the rap-rocker.

Kid Rock has enlisted some famous friends to lend their voices to his next album, "Born Free", which was released in November 2010. The title-track, serving as its lead single, flew up The Rock Songs chart to the #31 slot and was followed by two minor hits: "God Bless Saturday" and "Purple Sky". The album itself rose to #5 on The Billboard 200 and to #11 on the Canadian chart.

November 2012 saw the release of Rock's ninth album, "Rebel Soul". Despite not reaching platinum status like its predecessor, the disc hit #5 on The Billboard 200 and the first single, "Let's Ride", peaked at #12 on The Rock Songs chart.


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