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Kittie band

Kittie photo 2009
LtoR-> Tara McLeod, Morgan Lander, Ivy Vujic and Mercedes Lander

Kittie Biography

The all-female Alternative-Metal band Kittie was founded in London, Ontario CANADA, in 1996 by sisters Mercedes and Morgan Lander when they were barely on the cusp of adolescence; the initial line-up finds Mercedes playing drums with Morgan on vocals + guitar, along with fellow students Fallon Bowman on guitar and Tanya Candler on bass.

The quartet released an eponymous 6-track EP in 1999 but Candler was forced to leave the band that winter due to health problems, she was replaced with Talena Atfield.

Their debut full-length disc, "Spit", was issued in early 2000 by NG/Artemis Records, this album was quickly certified gold in their homeland and reached the #79 position on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 chart.

In 2001, Bowman left the group without citing her reasons; however, the three remaining members released the second Kittie album, "Oracle", in October that same year, peaking at #57 on the The Billboard 200.
Kittie have toured extensively, played with such notables as Slipknot, Pantera and co-headlined second stage at Ozzfest; their incisive brand of music has definitely taken them into uncharted territory, never before have an all girl Metal band impacted on such a male dominated genre.
Talena Atfield left in 2002, also without giving any official reason, she was replaced by Jennifer Arroyo on bass guitar.

Two years later they added a fourth member, the second guitarist Lisa Marx and in the summer of 2004 the band released "Until The End", it reached the #105 position on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.

The Ontario-based Metal outfit's fourth offering, "Funeral For Yesterday", released on February 20, 2007 via the group's own X Of Infamy, peaked at #101 in the United States. The band, which now consisted of Mercedes and Morgan Lander, Tara McLeod on guitar and Trish Doan on bass, debuted at #40 on The Hot Mainstream Rock radio chart with the first single off the CD, the album's title-track.

In early March of 2008 Kittie parted ways with Trish Doan due to medical reasons; she was replaced by bassist Ivy Vujic.
With total domestic sales in excess of 1,25 million, the group returned to the studio creating a 12-track behemoth of unapologetic Metal splendor, forging bone-crushing music and penetrating vocals into a snarling beast of blunt force trauma. The resulting album, titled "In The Black", was released in September 2009 on E1 Music, formerly Koch Records. Kittie selected "Cut Throat" as the first single off the CD.

The band's sixth studio album, "I've Failed You", followed in August 2011.


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Kittie pictures:

  • Kittie band lineup 2001 Kittie band lineup 2001
    The band line-up 2001
  • Kittie band 2006 Kittie band 2006
    Kittie - "Funeral For Yesterday" era