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Kopek band

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Kopek Biography

Drummer Shane Cooney and bassist Brad Kinsella grew up as next-door neighbors in Dublin, IRELAND and through their shared love of classic and modern Rock music, quickly decided that Rock stardom was their ticket to bigger and better things. Around the start of the new millennium, the first singer who answered their ad in a local musician's magazine turned out to be the talented vocalist + guitarist Daniel Jordan and from there Kopek, average age 15, was born.

The first big break for the group came in 2005 when they entered and won the Global Battle of the Bands competition in the London Astoria, this would give Kopek the invaluable opportunity to earn their chops on the road and experience the world as a traveling band.
In 2009 Dublin based record company Religion signed the band to a large multi-album deal. Their first album, "White Collar Lies", was released physically in March 2011; it included the Active Rock top 30 single "Cocaine Chest Pains" and the minor hit "Love Is Dead".


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White Collar Lies (2011)

White Collar Lies
1. Cocaine Chest Pains
2. White Collar Lies
3. Fever
4. Love Is Dead
5. Floridian
6. Sub Human
7. The Easy Way
8. Bring It On Home
9. Love Sick Blues
10. Bigger Than Us All
11. Sin City
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