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Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings photo 2008
from left: Lou Dog, Daddy X, Johnny Richter, Pakelika, Bobby B & D-Loc

Kottonmouth Kings Biography

This Southern California USA-based Punk-Rock Rap-Rock outfit was founded in 1994 by vocalist Brad 'Daddy' X who teamed up with vocalist-rappers Saint Dog and D-Loc, turntablist DJ Bobby B, drummer Lou Dog plus masked-dancer Pakelika and a crazy guy, Taxman, labeled as 'anti hero'.

The crew soon began performing live around the West Coast area and in 1997 released the 5-track EP "Stoners Reeking Havok", followed a year later by their debut full-length disc, "Royal Highness", which was issued through Capitol; the record included "Bump", the single track climbed into the top 30 of The Modern Rock chart.

In 1999 Saint Dog left to be replaced by Johnny Richter, that same year the group released "Hidden Stash" on their own Suburban Noize Records.

The next Kottonmouth Kings' release, 2000's "High Society", cracked The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart reaching the #65 spot and yielded the Modern Rock top 40 hit, "Peace Not Greed".
"Hidden Stash II The Kream Of The Krop", was churned out before the 2001 was out, it debuted at #100 on the U.S. Albums chart.

A follow-up album was issued almost exactly one year later, "Rollin' Stoned" was the fourth album released via Capitol Records, the set hit #51 slot on The Billboard Top 200 list, supported by the single "Positive Vibes".
The prolific band toured constantly throughout the new millenium and shared the stage with bands like Jane's Addiction, 311, The Offspring, Green Day, Pennywise, Cypress Hill and many more; in the summer of 2003 they released a stop-gap album, the live compilation "Classic Hits Live".

Kottonmouth Kings re-emerged with a new studio-set in April 2004, although the main track, "Bad Habits", failed to chart, "Fire It Up" became their most successful album to date, reaching #42 on The Billboard Top 200 list.

The group released their seventh album in late May 2005; the record simply titled "Kottonmouth Kings No.7", which included the single "Put It Down" recorded in collaboration with Cypress Hill, debuted into the top 50 of The Billboard 200 falling just one position short of #1 on the U.S. Top Independent Albums chart.

The more Hip-Hop inflected "Koast II Koast" followed in June 2006, this 24-song full-length disc was the band's first U.S. Top 40 album; Kottonmouth Kings also recorded several videos to various of the songs on the CD including the single "Everybody Move".

One year later the So-Cal sextet released their ninth official album, "Cloud Nine", reaching the #44 position on The Billboard 200.

October 2008 saw Kottonmouth Kings unleash its next record, "The Green Album"; they selected 20 prime cuts, including "Where I'm Going?", out of over 60 recorded over a 6-month stretch. The disc became their first #1 on the Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart.

Their music created a diehard fan base that helped them sell over 2 million albums independently in over a decade, so they continued to make music and in spring 2010 they put out a new album titled "Long Live The Kings", the first to feature rapper rapper The Dirtball; it peaked at #26 on The Billboard 200 chart.

In July 2011 was released "The Sunrise Sessions", the disc soon went into the top 10 of The Independent Albums chart.

Pakelika, real name Patrick Cochrun, died on Saturday, August 11, 2012, from cardiac arrest caused by a severe asthma attack, just three days prior to the release of Kottonmouth Kings' thirteenth studio album "Mile High". Pakelika was 34.


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Kottonmouth Kings pictures:

  • Kottonmouth Kings late 90s Kottonmouth Kings late 90s
    "Hidden Stash" era photoshoot
  • Kottonmouth Kings band 2005 Kottonmouth Kings band 2005
    Kottonmouth Kings 2005