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Krokus band

Krokus photo 2006

Krokus Biography

Krokus was formed in Solothurn, SWITZERLAND around 1974 by a joint venture with band members from the Rock act Montezuma, guitarist Fernando Von Arb, bassist Jürg Naegeli and drummer Freddy Steady with vocalist Chris Von Rohr and guitarist Tommy Kiefer.

They started out playing symphonic Rock releasing their self-titled debut in 1976. "To You All" followed a year later, this was the first album to feature the Krokus logo, that has remained their trademark through the years.
"Painkiller", the band's third album, appeared in 1978, it was also released under the title "Pay It In Metal" with five different sleeve.
After a few changes, with the addition of new lead singer Mark Storace, Von Rohr switched to the bass guitar spot, Krokus opted to shift musical gears by issuing 1980's "Metal Rendez-Vous", a more Hard-Rock based album which went on to sell 150,000 copies in Switzerland alone and caught the attention of the British and American press.
Their first Billboard's Top 200 entry was "Hardware", which hit #103 in 1981 spawning the Mainstream Rock top 30 hit "Winning Man", plus a minor hit in "Burning Bones".
In 1982, following the replacement of Tommy Kiefer with rhythm guitarist Mark Kohler, the group released "One Vice At A Time"; it peaked at #53 on the U.S. Top 200 LPs & Tapes chart while "Long Stick Goes Boom" grabbed a #22 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks list and the cover of Guess Who's "American Woman" inched into the Canadian Singles chart.
Krokus' seventh LP, "Headhunter", was recorded in Florida during the next year; the album became their biggest hit so far peaking at #25 on The Billboard 200 chart and earned platinum status in U.S. gold awards in Switzerland and Canada. The main single, the Classic-Rock ballad "Screaming In The Night" peaked at #21 on The Mainstream Rock chart and was followed by two more minor Rock-radio hits, "Stayed Awake All Night" and "Eat The Rich".
In 1984, with a new drummer, Jeff Klaven on board, the band released "The Blitz" which shot to #36 in the States; the #10 debut of the first single, "Midnite Maniac", is the highest peak of the band's releases ever in the U.S. Mainstream Rock airplay chart, the track then crossed over to The Billboard Hot 100 hitting #71; the second single, "Our Love", was another Mainstream Rock top 30 hit.
The Swiss rockers returned in 1986 with "Change Of Address", it included their biggest hit although its numbers didn't match those of the previous album, in fact their rendition of Alice Cooper's classic "Schools Out" rose to #67 on The Billboard Hot 100.
Despite their unstable line-up, Krokus resurfaced still a year later on The Billboard 200 Albums chart with the live set "Alive And Screamin'" and also recorded a new studio LP, "Heart Attack", which was issued in early 1988 on new label MCA Records, it reached the #87 position on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 list but the band eventually split up in the midst of the ensuing tour.

In 1990 original Krokus member Fernando Von Arb started again with a completely new line-up which consisted of himself, vocalist Peter Tanner, guitarists Manny Maurer and Tony Castell and drummer Peter Haas and finally they issued "Stampede" through Phonag Records.
After full four years Krokus had resolved their differences with Storace and were ready for action retooled with a line-up of Storace, Von Arb, Mark Kohler, Manny Maurer and drummer Freddy Steady; they released the band's twelfth album, "To Rock Or Not To Be", in 1995, it included the single "Flying Through The Night" which achieved gold status in Switzerland.
Storace was out of the picture once again in 1999; Von Arb then recruited British singer Carl Sentance to fill the gap and recorded "Round 13" with Haas on drums and new guitarist Chris Lauper.
The band announced the return of Marc Storace before they headed into the studio to cut what would become "Rock The Block", it was released in Switzerland in January of 2003, with all international territories following in spring; backed by a new recording contract with Warner, the CD soared straight to #1 in their home country.

In October 2006 Krokus released their fifteenth studio album called "Hellraiser", it contains the single "Angel Of My Dreams".


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Krokus pictures:

  • Krokus band lineup 1982 Krokus band lineup 1982
    The band line-up 1982 "One Vice At A Time" photoshoot